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L&S MEC System Ghost Wireless Sensor for Smart/Bluesmart Modules

The next evolution in lighting from L&S, exclusive to Imperial Glass and Timber, is the all new MEC driver system.

The MEC system is a new driver that boasts flexibility and ease of use like never before. It is easy to install, control and transform your space.

The heart of the system is the new multi-voltage power source, available in five different levels of wattage and suitable for 12V and 24V applications.

The MEC system makes it much easier to connect the lighting to a multitude of applications.

L&S MEC System Ghost Wireless Sensor for Smart/Bluesmart Modules
The Ghost wireless motion sensor can be applied to the doors of furniture allowing you to turn the lights connected to it on and off. When the door is opened or a movement is detected, the sensor sends a command to switch on the light to the receiver it is associated with. Switching off is carried out when the door is closed (using version with magnet) or with a timer (using version without magnet). Associated with the Smart and Bluesmart modules it controls the lights for on/off functions of the connected lights to the associated modules.

● Controls On/Off function through motion recognition or magnetic contact
● 15 metre range indoor
● Battery CR2450 (4 years lasting at 30 activations a day)
● Turns on the light when the user opens the door and turns off automatically after a fixed time, or recognising contact to the magnet
● Perfect for use on wardrobe or kitchen doors
● Can only be paired with Smart and Bluesmart Modules
● Not compatible with Standard or Wired Sensor Distribution Modules

● Sizing (with screw on): 64.8 x 38.8 x 9.8mm
● Sizing (With Screw On): 89.8 x 38.8 x 9.8mm
● Hole Size required for rebate (without screw on): 65 x 39 x 10mm
● Hole Size required for rebate (with screw on): 90 x 39 x 10mm
● Magnet Sizing: 30 x 10mm
● Battery Included CR2450 (4 years lasting at 30 opens a day)
● Distribtuion Module and Driver sold separately
● Voltage: 24V
● Light Type: All Lighting types
● IP Rating: IP20
● Maximum Remotes/Sensors/Switches to 1 Smart/Bluesmart Distribution Module: 10
● Maximum Smart/Bluesmart Distribution Modules to 1 Remote/Sensor/Switch: 6