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L&S MEC System Standard Distribution Module. 8 ways. 24 Volt

The next evolution in lighting from L&S, exclusive to Imperial Glass and Timber, is the all new MEC driver system.

The MEC system is a new driver that boasts flexibility and ease of use like never before. It is easy to install, control and transform your space.

The heart of the system is the new multi-voltage power source, available in five different levels of wattage and suitable for 12V and 24V applications.

The MEC system makes it much easier to connect the lighting to a multitude of applications.

L&S MEC System Standard Distribution Module. 8 ways
The L&S standard distribution module which is available in both 12V and 24V versions allows up to 8 lights to be connected to the power supply module. The MEC System also allows for the standard distribution module to be paired with other distribution module types from the one driver. Being able to have different configuration types caters to more applications and gives Flexibility like never before, being able to power more from the one driver!.

● 8 lights can be powered on the one module
● Plug and Play, making for ease of installation
● Flexibility like never before, being able to power more from the one driver!
● Can be coupled to other distribution modules to power more lights
● To suit 12V and 24V Lighting
● Soft Lighting effect, so the light turns on/off gradually
● Easy to install

● Sizing: 60 x 75 x 16mm
● Max Wattage per module: 120W
● Driver sold separately
● Voltage: 24V
● 5A Max (total)
● 3A Max (each input)
● Maximum Light Inputs per Distribution Module: 8
● Maximum Distribution Module Quantity to 1 driver: No limit, all dependant on the driver wattage