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2" Folding Cabinet Cupboard Cabinet Door Lift - Folding Lid Bracket Hinge Door Cupboard Furniture Cu

Quality Material: These cabinet lifts are made of aluminum alloy and Satin Nickel which are excellent to be adopted to the raw materials of the product. The surface is polished to resist corrosion. Thicken the arm . Sustainable and durable.With high quality and more average fit, long service life.Without any noise and easier to manage, ensure high comfort of life.

Beautifully Designed: designed to support counter top,insert covers such as desks, cabinets, wardrobes, toy boxes and better support .to cover or flap, keep door open at anywhere which position or enable Adjustable and easy to use. Just turn the screw on the arm of the support lid hinges, then you can arbitrarily adjust the weight of the furniture hinges as needed.

Adjustable: With the included Allen key, the hinges are fully adjustable for different weights by turning the screw in the middle of the arm to set a suitable friction pressure so that the lid does not break when closing.

Easy to open: easy to open and stop in any open position, dual function, self-closing. Designed to support the insertion of lids of counters, cabinets, keeping the lid in place , it is self-adjusting, easy to use.Each seat cover can be used for right or left hand mounting. Easy to install l, easy to use.

Wide Applications: Double arm foldable support hinges can hold the door in any open position or let it slide down smoothly without breaking your fingers, perfect for a variety of lids or flaps.


-Adopted Aluminum Alloy and Satin Nickel

-Adjustable strength

-Suitable for cabinets and toy boxes

-It is very easy to use the cabinet lifts even if you use it at the first time

-Can be mounted on left or right side

-The different weights can be adjusted completely using the screws in the middle of the swivel arm to adjust the correct friction pressure

Package includes:

2*Elevator door unit