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Ambos 20kg Super Lift - Wardrobe Lift Rail/Pull Down Rail

Established in 1977, Ambos products are planned, designed, built and assembled exclusively in Italy. Designing and manufacturing a comprehensive range of wardrobe lift systems, using aluminum, steel, and fiberglass reinforced nylon.

The Ambos Super lift lift system is the only mobile hanger on the market that features an adjustable lifting power (up to 20kg), to adapt to the different weight of seasonal clothing. The vertical arm can be adapted to various wardrobe depths.

The plastic guard covers a mechanism chiefly made of steel. The assembly is an extremely easy, totally fastened to System 32 hole, without having to drill other holes in the side of the wardrobe. It can also be wall-mounted or inside the wardrobe using metal brackets (optional).

● Fully fastened to System 32 hole
● Adjustable positioning
● Vertically adjustable arm
● Steel mechanism
● Mechanism is completely covered: no visible screws
● Can be wall mounted
● Arm can be locked in loading position
● Oil less hydraulic device
● Use spacer on wardrobes with hinged doors

● Minimum internal width: 750mm
● Maximum internal width: 1150mm
● High load Capacity: 14-20kg
● Maximum load capacity: 20kg
● Color: Chrome