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Ambos Double Pull Down Wardrobe lift rail in chrome and aluminium. 15kg.

Established in 1977, Ambos products are planned, designed, built and assembled exclusively in Italy. Designing and manufacturing a comprehensive range of wardrobe lift systems, using aluminum, steel, and fiberglass reinforced nylon.

The Ambos Lift 700 is a mobile hanger to be used in wardrobes. Due to its extreme ease of assembly and good load capacity, it is the most versatile and practical system in the market. It can be applied in the cabinet using only the System 32 hole, without having to drill additional holes.

The shape of the bases allows it to be mounted on the walls of the doors, avoiding the hinges of the doors, thus rationalizing the overall dimensions. The inclination of the arms also allows the clothes to be transferred even more externally from the wardrobe, when positioning the mobile bar downwards.

● Special shaping that allows the hinges of the doors to be incorporated
● Easy and complete fixing on the System 32 hole
● Possibility of more pronounced extraction of clothes from the wardrobe thanks to the inclined position of the arm
● Arms external to the mechanism to avoid the scissor effect on hanging garments
● It does not require bumpers to cushion the descent of the arms
● No oil

● Minimum internal width: 750mm
● Maximum internal width: 1150mm
● Loading Capacity: 15kg
● Color: Chrome and aluminum