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Blum CLIP top Centre Hinge Set For AVENTOS Overhead Stay Bi-Fold Lift Systems 134 Degree, Unsprung. Boss: Knock-In 78Z5530T11. Includes 4 hinges & 6 plates

AVENTOS lift systems bring top quality motion to wall cabinets in all areas of the home. The practical design of AVENTOS gives users easy access to their contents, with full freedom of movement. Even large and heavy fronts open with ultimate ease.

AVENTOS HF combines easy opening with integrated BLUMOTION, making opening and closing furniture a mesmerising experience. The 104° and 83°opening angle stops ensure that little space is needed above the cabinet. Even wide lift systems open easily, remain in any desired position and, thanks to BLUMOTION, close silently and effortlessly.

Ideal for cabinet heights of 480 to 1040 mm and cabinet widths of up to 1800 mm, AVENTOS HF lift systems are the perfect solution to individual applications in all areas of the home.

● Quick and easy installation thanks to CLIP technology
● Perfectly balanced allowing fronts to remain in the desired position
● Silent and effortless closing action
● The ideal solution for high and mid wall units
● Complements Aluminium fronts, Wood combined with glass, and Asymmetrical

● Application: Centre hinge for AVENTOS bi-fold lift systems
● Opening angle: 134°
● Closing mechanism: Unsprung
● Cover cap type: 90M2503
● Cover captype: 70.1503
● Boss material: Zinc boss
● Boss finish: Nickel plated
● Boss assembly: Knock-in
● Flange width: 57mm
● Flange length: 20mm
● Flange height: 3mm
● Diameter hinge boss drilling: 35mm
● Diameter of fixing holes: 8mm
● Distance between drillings: 45mm
● Eccentric position of fixing holes to hinge boss hole: 9.5mm
● Boss drilling depth: 12.6mm
● Minimum drilling distance: 3mm
● Maximum drilling distance: 6mm
● Arm material: Steel
● Arm finish: Nickel plated
● Collision measurement (hinge arm heigh): 21mm
● Type of side adjustment: With screw
● Side adjustment: +/- 2mm
● Type of depth adjustment: Convenient with spiral screw
● Depth adjustment: + 1.5/-3mm
● Hinge accessories: Dowel plate 177H3100, enclosed
● Hinge accessories: Furniture hinge 70T5590BTL, enclosed
● Item package: 2 per set (2 CLIP centre hinges, 2 CLIP 120° hinges, 6MPL)
● Packaging: Printed bag and carton
● Packaging: Commercial packing