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Blum CLIP top Standard Hinge 110° Unsprung, Full Overlay, Knock-In 70T3580 *Use with Tip-ON for Doors*

Ingenuity and inventive powers create the functionality that is unique to Blum. Our hinge systems stand for reliable function, enhanced adjustment and assembly ease and attractive design, our hinges allow for 3-dimensional adjustment.

Constructed to withstand 200,000 opening and closing cycles, our hinge range offers solutions for many different applications such as wood, glass, and aluminium frame doors as well as thin and thick doors. We also offer special solutions such as blind corner and angled applications.

Compatible with all CLIP mounting plates, CLIP top sprung hinges offer easy side, height, and infinitely variable depth adjustment with spiral screw. What’s more, several mounting plates have cam height adjustment. Fronts can be attached and removed quickly and without tools.

Blum’s tried and tested CLIP mechanism makes door to cabinet assembly tool free, quick, and easy. Every door equipped with Blum hinges opens and closes with reliable ease.

● Rigorously tested over 200,000 times to withstand consistent opening and closing cycles
● Suitable for all applications
● 3-dimensional adjustment
● Easy assembly and adjustment

● Application: Standard hinge
● Cranking: Overlay application
● Opening angle: 110°
● Closing mechanism: Unsprung
● Hinge variant: With free movement for TIP-ON
● Cover cap type: 90M2503
● Cover cap type: 70.1503
● Cover cap type: 70T3504 - boss cover cap
● Boss material: Steel boss
● Boss finish: Nickel plated
● Boss assembly: Knock-in
● Flange width: 57mm
● Flange length: 22mm
● Flange height: 3.2mm
● Diameter hinge boss drilling: 35mm
● Diameter of fixing holes: 8mm
● Distance between drillings: 45mm
● Eccentric position of fixing holes to hinge boss hole: 9.5mm
● Boss drilling depth: 13mm
● Minimum drilling distance: 3mm
● Maximum drilling distance: 7mm
● Arm material: Steel
● Arm finish: Nickel plated
● Collision measurement (hinge arm height): 21.5mm
● Fixed dimension/factory setting: 11mm
● Type of side adjustment: With screw
● Side adjustment: +/- 2mm
● Type of depth adjustment: Convenient with spiral screw
● Depth adjustment: +3/-2mm
● Gap: 1.5mm
● Item package: 1 piece
● Packaging: Commercial packing