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Blum MINIPRESS Insertion Ram For Furniture Hinges, All Opening Angles MZM.0040

Blum drilling and insertion machines are designed for the assembly of Blum products. They enable precision drilling and insertion of fittings. The wide range of drilling and insertion machines provides the right solution for any application. Quick setup and easy operation ensure efficient assembly of all Blum fittings.

MINIPRESS P is the specialist for front assemblies. Once it’s set, it carries out routine work with precision and efficiency. A pneumatic feed for drilling and insertion as well as a spindle for the drilling distance setting makes working with MINIPRESS P safe and precise.

With the multi-swivel gearbox, various drilling patterns for furniture fittings can be set quickly, tool-free, and precisely. MINIPRESS P is equally efficient when it comes to inserting Blum fittings, the operation is both simple and precise.

With a lifetime guarantee on all Blum products, MINIPRESS P is the must have drilling and assembly device for your workshop.

● Vertical drilling and insertion of Blum fittings
● Drilling distance settings using spindle
● Pneumatic feed
● Can be retrofitted with EASYSTICK as an option
● Optional automatically movable stops in the X axis with EASYSTICK
● 9-spindle drilling head for efficient line drilling within the 32 mm tier system
● 8-spindle drilling head for the assembly of AVENTOS lift mechanisms, box front fixings and cabinet profiles.

● Type of insertion ram: Insertion ram
● Processing of: Hinges, all opening angles – except MINI and COMPACT
● Version: Single tiered
● Material: Nylon
● Colour/finish: Orange
● Suitable for: All drilling and insertion machines
● Item package: 1 piece