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Cove Batten - 17mm x 34mm Steccawood by Polytec

Nordic Oak
Angora Oak
Tasmanian Oak
Prime Oak
Notaio Walnut
Florentine Walnut
Empire Oak
Perugian Walnut
Natural Oak
Distressed Wood
Maison Oak
Black Woodmatte

STECCAWOOD provides a warm and rich texture appearance for a wide variety of panelling, ideal for wall and ceiling applications in either a vertical or horizontal setout, STECCAWOOD prefinished decorative battens create strong directional lines that will add a striking feature to any internal commercial space.

Made from E–Zero MR MDF or LDF and wrapped in decorative overlay STECCAWOOD battens impart the realism, warmth, and character of timber, providing a cost-effective solution.

Please note: This is a special order product, lead times may vary.

  • 3600mm Length 
  • Many colours available 
  • Easy application 
  • Timber batten 


Note: Steccawood is manufactured using decorative paper overlays and is designed to be used in low-traffic applications. Steccawood should not sit on the floor as wet mopping and vacuum cleaners are likely to cause damage. Strictly for internal use, not to be used in wet areas such as bathrooms or environments of high humidity, or where steam and heat are present.

Adhesive materials such as sticky tape, masking tape, or any sticky material may cause damage to the Steccawood decorative paper overlay when applied directly to the surface. 

Steccawood can be cut to length however should not be cut in a lineal direction. It is recommended best practice to seal cut edges to prevent moisture ingress.