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King Slide Pocket Door Slide. Size: 550mm Zinc Finish. For Inset Doors Only. Sold per pair

King Slide Pocket Door Slide. Size: 550mm Zinc Finish. For Inset Doors Only. Sold per pair

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Founded in 1986 King Slide is a major manufacturer of hardware for both office and home furniture. Building on a foundation in progressive stamping and surface treatment technology, King Slide have developed an integrated design capability through consolidating the designs of tooling, equipment, and mechanical products.

King slide soft close runners are designed and manufactured to the highest quality, providing an all-round user experience. They are easy to install and can withstand high loading capacities - a dependable solution for a wide array of applications. King Slide put their slides through rigorous testing to ensure your safety and a long-lasting performance.

King Slide runners offer a smooth gliding motion with high rigidity and stability suitable for home cabinetry, box drawers, desk drawers, storage drawers and file drawers. King Slide strive to deliver innovative products of a high standard that meet and surpass the needs of their customers.

● The most stable quality with an extensive range of applications
● Ideal for TV or entertainment cabinet doors and other home cabinet doors
● Lasting product life - 50,000 life cycles under correct installation and normal usage

● Length: 550mm
● Height: 35mm
● Side space: 9.7mm (+0.5mm/0mm)
● Max. Door Height: 1000mm
● Mount: Side Mount
● Finish: Clear zinc
● Material: Cold rolled steel
● Weight capacity: 7kg
● For Inset Doors Only
● Sold as pair
● Need to purchase Blum Hinge BM71B9650 (Screw in) OR BM71B9690 (INSERTA) as well as Blum Mounting Plate BP175910 separately.
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