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Soudal Fix All Crystal 290ml Clear

The Soudal Fix All range includes a range of products that are perfect for filling and sealing jobs. They can be used on porous, non-porous, slightly wet, and humid surfaces.

Super clear sealant, adhesive and filler. 100% crystal clear. Can be applied in all weather conditions (including moist surfaces), internally and externally. No solvents or odours. Primer less adhesion on most construction materials. Over paintable with most paints. Suitable for sanitary applications. Tested to FDA 177-2600 (e) for repeated contact with foods.

Applications For all bonding, sealing & filling applications where transparency of the final bond or seal is critical. Heavy duty bonding and sealing in all weather conditions, on most surfaces. Paintable elastomeric sealing and bonding. sanitary sealing and bonding - kitchens, bathrooms, showers etc.

Features & Benefits
● Soudal Fix ALL® Crystal is the perfect product for the DIY enthusiast due to the following strong properties and 100% transparency.
● Made in Belgium
● Can be painted over with most paints and is non-yellowing and UV resistant.
● Easy to apply in all conditions.
● Bonds even onto humid surfaces.
● Fast curing and no odour.
● High shear strength after full cure (no primer).
● Solvent free.
● Soudal Fix ALL Crystal Sealing can be used throughout showers as it provides invisible bonding of glass to glass, repairs leaks (even under water), bonds paintings and mirrors to walls and the filling of cracks.

● Size: 290ml
● Colour: Clear