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Soudal Fix All Turbo 290ml White

The Soudal Fix All range includes a range of products that are perfect for filling and sealing jobs. They can be used on porous, non-porous, slightly wet, and humid surfaces.

Super-fast adhesive. Maximum strength builds up in the shortest possible time. Can be applied in all weather conditions (including moist surfaces), internally and externally. No solvents or odours. Primerless adhesion on most construction materials. Over paintable with most paints.

Applications For all bonding where adhesive build up speed is critical or important. Bonding in building and metal industry. Elastic bonding of objects, panels, profiles and on other substrates. Bonding of porous natural stone surfaces such as marble and limestone.

Features & Benefits
● Soudal Fix ALL® Turbo is a high-quality single component adhesive-sealant based on SMX®-Polymer with very fast build-up of strength.
● Made in Belgium
● Quickly manipulable and very fast build-up of strength.
● Very high end-strength.
● Good adhesion to most common substrates, even on slightly wet substrates.
● Permanent elastic after cure.
● Paintable with water-based paints after curing.
● Good colour stability, weather, and UV resistance.
● Applications include: Bonding in the building and metal industry, Elastic bonding of panels, profiles, and other pieces on most common substrates.
● Soudal Fix All Turbo White bonds to many different construction and building applications.

● Size: 290ml