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Soudal Fix All X-TREME Power 290ml

Soudal is Europe’s leading independent manufacturer of sealants, PU-foams, and adhesives. Having established themselves as a strong brand worldwide, Soudal has been developing innovative products for construction and industrial assembly for over 45 years.

Super-fast adhesive. Extremely high initial tack. Maximum strength builds up in the shortest possible time. Can be applied in all weather conditions (including moist surfaces), internally and externally. No solvents or odours. Primerless adhesion on most construction materials. Over paintable with most paints.

For all bonding applications where extreme initial grab and high strength and adhesive build up speed is critical. Heavy duty bonding and sealing in all weather conditions and on most surfaces. Bonding in building and metal industry. Elastic bonding of objects, panels, profiles and on other substrates.

Features & Benefits
● Extreme high initial tack of min. 400 kg/m².
● Good workability with the included triangular shaped nozzle.
● High shear strength after full cure (no primer).
● Stays elastic after curing and very sustainable.
● Fast curing and no odour.
● Free of isocyanates, solvents, halogens, and acids.
● Good colour stability, weather, and UV resistance.
● Excellent adhesion on nearly all surfaces, even if slightly moist.

● Bonding in building and metal industry
● Suited to bond to elastic bonding of objects, panels, profiles, and other pieces on the most common substrates.
● Extreme also bonds to elastic structural bonding in automotive applications including buses, trains, trucks, caravans, shipbuilding.

● Size: 290ml
● Colour: White