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TensorGrip® L20 High Performance Veneer Adhesive. 500ml Aerosol.

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Available in a range of canisters and aerosols, TensorGrip’s innovative formula breaks down barriers presented by traditional bonding methods. The range offers a broad spectrum of high-performance, high-quality canister and aerosol solutions that meet the specific needs of many industry sectors.

Tensorgrip® L20 is a fast-drying contact adhesive with good heat resistance. It is suitable for bonding a variety of materials to timber, metal, and some hard plastics. Immediate permanent bonds can be achieved by double-sided applications on most substrates.

TensorGrip® L20 is suitable for bonding HPL, hard plastics, GRP, foams and fabrics to a variety of substrates including MDF, chipboard, plywood and many other timber sheet materials. One of L20’s unique properties is the ability to bond ACRYLIC MIRROR successfully without attacking or reacting with the material.

● Fast Drying
● Good Heat Resistance.
● Very High Solids
● Non-Chlorinated Adhesive
● Easy Application Control
● LEED Compliant
● Halogen Free

● Size: 500ml