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TensorGrip® Premium Spray Gun, 6501 Tip With Insert. Full Cast Aluminium

Available in a range of canisters and aerosols, TensorGrip’s innovative formula breaks down barriers presented by traditional bonding methods. The range offers a broad spectrum of high-performance, high-quality canister and aerosol solutions that meet the specific needs of many industry sectors.

Full cast aluminium and full finger trigger movement reduces the risk of RSI. This Professional Spray Gun comes with a lifetime guarantee, fits all types of canisters, and gives a perfect spray pattern when used with the Tensor range of products.

Ideal for the tradesperson who needs a gun for all occasions, giving you the versatility and style, you’ll need for your work.

● Includes 6501 tip (CANTIP65) already attached
● Increased Productivity
● Completely Portable

● Material: Aluminium