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TensorGrip C101 Citrus Cleaner For Adhesive. Aerosol. 482Gm

Available in a range of canisters and aerosols, TensorGrip’s innovative formula breaks down barriers presented by traditional bonding methods. The range offers a broad spectrum of high-performance, high-quality canister and aerosol solutions that meet the specific needs of many industry sectors.

TensorGrip® C101 Citrus Cleaner is a biodegradable, citrus solvent cleaner, degreaser, and adhesive remover. It can be used safely on most surfaces and substrates, including painted surfaces, glass, porcelain, and concrete, and is compatible with many plastics and vinyl.

● Biodegradable
● Compatible with most plastics
● Citrus Scent
● Increased Productivity
● Minimises Waste
● Minimises Equipment Set-up and Clean-up
● Completely Portable

● Size: 482 grams