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TensorGrip Spray Gun Tip. For use with X40 canister

Available in a range of canisters and aerosols, TensorGrip’s innovative formula breaks down barriers presented by traditional bonding methods. The range offers a broad spectrum of high-performance, high-quality canister and aerosol solutions that meet the specific needs of many industry sectors.

Tensorgrips range of spray adhesive nozzles have been manufactured to be used across a range of substrates and joinery tasks. Each nozzle is used for a different joinery task and will offer a specific viscosity or spray angle. Which means choosing the right nozzle is crucial to your job.

The two numbers at the beginning of the nozzle code 40, 65, 95 and 80 refers to the angle the adhesive will be sprayed at. The second two numbers that follow the first 2 digits refer to the size of the actual nozzle.

● Made from brass
● Ideal for spraying thicker adhesives, especially PU adhesives

● Material: Brass
● To suit: X40