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TensorGrip Steel Canister Trolley

TensorGrip Steel Canister Trolley

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Available in a range of canisters and aerosols, TensorGrip’s innovative formula breaks down barriers presented by traditional bonding methods. The range offers a broad spectrum of high-performance, high-quality canister and aerosol solutions that meet the specific needs of many industry sectors.

While Tensorgrip® canisters are the epitomy of portability, sometimes a little something extra is needed to achieve the ultimate results. The Quin M510-22 Canister Trolley is the ideal solution for shop and large field jobs where portability is of essence. Allows for easy transport and use of the 22L (large) canister.


● Easy to use
● Smooth rolling
● Handle for ultimate control
● Storage for both standard and wand guns
● System for storing hose
● Fit 22L (Large) canister
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